Tenant Services

Today’s economic climate makes it essential for Corporate America to operate efficiently in all areas of business. Real estate holdings represent an opportunity to achieve better alignment with business objectives, improve decision making, raise capital and reduce costs. SCGroup Real Estate has experience ranging from highly specialized one-off projects to complete outsourcing of the real estate function.

Regardless of the project requirements, it’s important to follow a process that maximizes the potential for success. For the tenant representation professionals at SCGroup Real Estate this means understanding your organization’s investment objectives, matching them with market conditions and developing and executing strategies that match business goals. This approach adds lasting value to our client’s operations.

  • New leases or renewals
  • Building acquisitions
  • Renegotiations
  • Expansions or contractions
  • Cancellations

Our experienced professionals fully understand the business implications of location including finance, logistics, attracting and retaining employees, workplace efficiency and brand.