Corporate Real Estate Consulting

SCGroup Real Estate provides Strategic Real Estate Planning and Occupancy Cost Management services to Corporate America by helping address and answer important real estate related business questions:

  • Is my real estate portfolio properly supporting the organization’s goals and objectives?
  • How can my organization reduce occupancy costs?
  • What’s the best location for my new facility?
  • How can I make better real estate decisions more quickly?
  • Can my company’s real estate assets be used to provide operating capital?
  • Should my organization renew its lease early?

Work with our team of experienced professionals to create and execute real estate strategies that cost-effectively support your organization’s business plan.

Portfolio Planning

Our team of professionals review all aspects of a real estate portfolio and make recommendations for better alignment with an organization’s business goals and objectives. Example solutions could include:

  • Logistics costs could be lowered by consolidating two distribution facilities and moving to a new location.
  • Certain mission critical special purpose assets should be owned, all other assets should be leased
  • New workplace strategies could lower costs and enhance productivity
  • Labor intensive functions should be moved to low cost labor environments
  • Leases in weak markets should be extended
  • New technology could improve real estate decision making
  • Certain functions should be outsourced

Well planned development and execution of these business solutions can have major implications for an organization’s bottom line and balance sheet.

Site Selection

Decisions about where to locate assets have much wider implications for business than just the cost of the real estate. Example factors that should be considered include:

  • Labor costs
  • Quality of labor
  • Implications on supply chain
  • Business incentives
  • Regulatory environment
  • Transportation
  • Branding and image

Our team has developed a multi-phased process that ensures that clients fully evaluate all of the alternatives and select locations that have the most positive impact on their business proposition. We’re involved at every step of the journey – from initial planning to signing a lease.

Data and Decision Making

Real estate decisions often need to be made quickly and should be supported by accurate data. Our team of professionals ensures that all elements of the real estate decision making processes are working effectively and are in alignment with the organization’s business goals and objectives. Key data and decision making tools include:

  • Data – Accurate real estate information real
  • People and Processes – Coordinated activities supporting business decisions
  • Technology – Systems solutions for real estate decision making
  • Performance Metrics – Tools for evaluating success
  • Vendor Relationships – Establishing vendor strategies and effective partnering solutions