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Portfolio Planning in an Uncertain Economic Environment,
Corporate Real Estate Journal. November 2010 by Stephen Stoner and Rick Page.

Abstract: Over the past several years, the global economic downturn has forced many organizations to dramatically rethink the way they conduct business. While most of the focus is on cost reduction, this situation also creates an opportunity for the corporate real estate department to redefine its mission.

Using Real Estate to Drive Merger and Acquisition Success,
Corporate Real Estate Executive. March, 1999 by Stephen Stoner.

Abstract: Mergers and acquisitions are sweeping Corporate America. This article presents the importance of proactively addressing real estate issues and opportunities as a significant piece of the merger integration program.

Using Corporate Real Estate for Successful Merger Integration,
Corporate Real Estate Executive. July/August, 2000 by Stephen Stoner.

Abstract: Corporate real estate executives can act as the glue that bonds two merger companies into a single entity. Techniques and strategies for success are explored.

The Implications of Discrete Variables on Portfolio Management Strategies,
Journal of Corporate Real Estate. April 2001 by Stephen Stoner and Noah Shlaes.

Abstract: The authors present a series of variables driving corporate real estate strategy and discuss their integration, with examples. Capital structure, geographic diversity, product and service lines and corporate culture can combine to create strategy, and strategy can be directed to affect any of these.